Who We Are


Who We Are

Casa Agrícola Alexandre Relvas is one of the main wine companies from Alentejo, the land of cork.

Managing 350 hectares of vineyards and producing 3 million bottles per year we export for more than 30 countries worldwide.


Our company is committed to fun and healthy life style, delivering high quality wines to our customers with a very competitive prices.

Our Work

social & environmental

Cozinha com Alma

Cozinha com Alma supports those who are living financial difficulties and that are being neglected by the State support through giving access to a healthy and balanced nutrition.

It is a social take-away, open to the general public, in which all its profits are reapplied in a Social Bursary that supports middle-class and lower middle-class families in serious financial difficulties, selected by the social committee of the local parish.

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CADin, a Child Development Center promoted by Logoplaste in Portugal, is a nonprofit private institution, providing assistance and support for children and teenagers, with developmental disorders, in the areas of Neurology, Psychiatry and Physiatrists.

Back in 2003, Logoplaste, the promoter of this project, invited a number of entrepreneurial partners to make this dream come true. Those who participate have made it their commitment in the area of social responsibility.

Over 30% of the children attending the CADin Centre are supported by a Social Fund.

2013 activity of CADin:

  • 1664 families
  • 5226 consultations
  • 663 evaluations
  • 23.322 support sessions

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Since 1996 Casa Agricola Alexandre Relvas had developed a project of reforestation of the farms. Since then around 120 thousand trees were planted.

In 2013 the company manages now around 730 ha of forests in 3 different farms.

Herdade São Miguel:

  • 100 ha of Cork Trees Forest
  • 50.000 planted trees on the last 20 years

Herdade da Alápega:

  • 300 ha Cork Trees
  • 275 ha of Pine Trees
  • 65.000 Planted Trees

Herdade da Pimenta:

  • 50 ha of Cork Trees Forest


Merino sheep have an important role on our ambition to reduce the use of pesticides.

From harvest to the Bud breaking time, our sheep passes their days on the vineyards grazing and controlling the herb growing.

This measure allow us to avoid the use herbicides during winter time and reduce the introduction of machinery on the vineyards reducing the compaction of the soils.

Casa Agrícola Alexandre Relvas has now more than 400 sheep working for the nature.